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Slip a cover on your third member for safety!  Protectos storage cases provide a better way to store and transport third members.  Designed to completely enclose nine-inch third members, protecting them from dirt and debris, Protectos also feature a built-in handle — for easy handling of your third member. SOmehow that doesn’t get old.

Units come in horizontal and vertical varieties — choose your orientation carefully to optimize tight spaces in your shop.  Jaz Products’ site indicates that these are warranted for one year, but there’s a warning that some of the products on their site shouldn’t be used in a motor vehicle on a public highway.  Check your local ordinances.

Don’t have a third member? Get one built to your . Also by Jaz Products: drip trays.

Pricing on third members and third member storage is available by phoning Drivetrain Specialists and Jaz Products respectively.

Protecto Third Member Cases [Jaz Products]


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  1. ambush27 says:

    I don’t know where they get them but when transmissions and engines get shipped they have similar form fitting containers.

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