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Left Hand Bit

If you own a good screw-extraction kit you may have encountered left-handed bits. Left-handed bits rotate counterclockwise — the opposite direction of normal drill bits — so you drill in reverse instead of forward. Using a left-handed bit to drill out a broken screw prevents the screw from tightening further and may even extract the shank in the process.

Irwin constructs their left-handed bits with M-42, an 8% cobalt high-speed steel. They designed the heavy-duty spiral flutes to eject chips faster and the shorter 135-degree split-point cutting surface to reduce the feed pressure and torque needed to drill into hardened materials.

You’ll pay $3 to $14 dollars for a single Irwin left-handed bit, or you can buy a five-piece set for around $20.

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One Response to Extractors Do It Left-Handed

  1. fred says:

    The cobalt content makes the bit harder and helps it bite into the screw to be extracted.
    LH drill bits like these are often the best way to get the job done.

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