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Ridge Runner

Working from heights is bad enough, but working on open trusses must be scary. Craig Bronkhorst of Long View Enterprises felt he was no longer safe setting trusses, so he created the Ridge Runner. Intended for construction workers, framers, truss installers, and anyone who has to work on open trusses, the Ridge Runner sells for just shy of a grand — but even with the high price tag he claims it’s cost-effective and will save time.

The Ridge Runner gives you a stable, secure, and comfortable place to set your feet and knees while freeing your hands for work. The ideal posture support reduces fatigue, letting you work longer.

The lightweight (only 14 lbs) aluminum design makes moving and installing the Ridge Runner easy — yet it can support a 250-lb person and still maintain a safety factor of 4. More importantly for job-site managers, the Ridge Runner meets OSHA standards for truss work.

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