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Planning on doing some finish work out in the boonies? Hitachi now offers a line of 15-gauge and 16-gauge gas finish nailers targeted at you. A 3.6V lithium-ion battery delivers the juice to fire off gas charges which drive the nails — 1,200 shots per cell. And since anyone needing a gas nailer is likely away from power, too, Hitachi includes both AC (read: wall wart) and cigarette-lighter DC charging cables.

The new nailers come in three variants: the NT65GS (straight 16-gauge), the NT565GA (angled 15-gauge), and the NT65GB (angled 16-gauge, pictured). Other features include a dry-fire lockout that prevents firing with no nails loaded, a low-battery indicator, and a detachable no-mar nose cap. Each nailer holds 100 nails, and jam clears require no additional tools.

Pricing should start around $300, and expect to see these on shelves soon.


2 Responses to Preview: Hitachi’s New Gas Finish Nailers

  1. Jason says:

    OK, I think I want one of these in every room just to be friends with.

  2. Derek Pater says:

    I the past I have a problems with Gas Fixing guns and I have prefered to use a Air Fixing Gun,The gas framing guns have been more reliable,I like the feedom and safety of no air hose.

    There must be a lot of new gas guns coming on the market because the Patent is or has expired from Paslode.


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