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The US Consumer Product Safety Commission today announced Honda Motor Corporation’s recall of over 20,000 HRX walk-behind lawn mowers. Honda reports that they’ve “received one report of a shield breaking off the lawn mower,” though the accident resulted in no injury.

The recall includes Honda models HRX217(K)2HXA and HRX217(K)2HMA mowers with serial numbers between MAGA-1500001 and 1520532. If you own one of the affected mowers, contact your local Honda Lawn and Garden dealer to schedule a free repair.


2 Responses to Honda Recalls 20,500 Lawn Mowers

  1. Coach James says:

    So Honda will have to eat the cost of over 20,000 mowers because a piece of one mower broke off which may or may not have been a design defect? I wonder if someone will find a lwayer and sue anyway due to exoeriencing stress when their mower was recalled?

  2. ambush27 says:

    Hey these mowers aren’t cheap they can afford to recall a few.

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