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For those guys who dig the cold-weather Marlboro-man show that is Ice Road Truckers, season two proves to be everything the first season was, and more. Though it’s a bit overhyped and leans toward the dramatic, it still provides an entertaining hour of programming.

We’re roughly halfway into the season now, and two things are clear. First: When the temperature drops to thirty or forty below zero, that part of the world has more ways to kill you than a bionic ninja. The second observation you grasp pretty quickly: Bad ice road truckers don’t stay that way for very long. They learn to be a good trucker, go home, or die — there seems to be no in-between. It might be hard to swallow, but so is a trip over the ice.

In short, if you can take the overexcited announcer doing the Jesse-James-style play-by-play, it’s worth your time to watch it.

Set the Tivo for Sundays on the History channel at 8 central.

Ice Road Truckers [History Channel]


3 Responses to Update: Ice Road Truckers

  1. Coach James says:

    I watched the first season and liked it. This season I don’t enjoy as much. Drew didn’t make it 24 hours before he started crying about not liking the job or wanting to be there. Fewer drivers to follow this season as well. Also, the film footage they show over and over gets old. Still, it’s better than a lot of the other crap on tv.

    Any bets on how long until OCC makes an “Awesone” ice road truckers tribute bike?

  2. Olaf says:

    Hehe, how is OCC doing now when Winnie is gone? I kind a stoped wathcing…

  3. Coach James says:

    I think OCC will be fine until their show goess off the air. I read that this season is the last for new episodes but the dad signed a three or four syndication agreement. Since over 60% of their gross revenue comes from merchandise other than bikes(Research Magazine), losing the show will hurt them a lot I think.

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