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Offset Router Base

Edge routing can be tricky if your router doesn’t have a large enough base. The router’s center of gravity hangs over the edge of the workpiece, making it easy to accidentally tip the router and ruin your crisp profile. An offset router base gives you more leverage to keep the router from tipping.

Milescraft offers an affordable 13″-long offset base made of clear polycarbonate. It sports an oversized knob to make the base easy to grab, and the scratch-resistant surface helps ensure the base’s transparency.

This offset base offers another feature, the ability to use Milescraft’s TurnLock technology guide bushings. With their bushings you can quickly and toollessly change your guide bushings with a twist of your fingers. Plus you’ll only have to center each bushing in the base once with the TurnLock centering pin, and the bushings will be accurately centered every time you use them.

Turn Lock

Milescraft pre-drills the base to fit most routers, including larger 3 HP routers. To install the offset base on your router, you attach a smaller 7″-diameter baseplate to the router. Then the smaller base fits into the offset base and can be released by a thumb lever.

You can own this handy router accessory for about $20.

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6 Responses to A Better Offset Router Base

  1. Brau says:

    I really like this and at $20 I might pick one up. Just wish it wasn’t a single purpose device though; it would be nice to be able to use it as an adjustable trammel.

  2. PutnamEco says:

    Offset bases are great! Something you should have if you take routering seriously.
    Pat Warner also make custom offset router bases.


    His whole site is worth a look, if your into routers.

  3. LoneRider says:

    Do not waste your $20 in this one. I have one and am disappointing in it. The larger base bends at the thin points under the handles in the first picture.

    I really like the larger offset base idea, but I really wish I spent the extra bit to get the solid plastic style, and probably will do so. And to be honest it does help, but you still have to be really careful the top of the router does not tilt out. Where I am sure if the weak points I described did not exist you would not have to worry about that.


  4. fred says:

    My experience is that Milescraft products look better than they perform.

  5. Shopmonger (aka Donny B) says:

    I have a few of their attachments and they have all performed fantastically.
    Never had an issue, and I will continue to promote them until they fail me in any way. Thier turnlock system is quick easy and by far accurate enough for woodworking. Great peices of gear. Although I am a incredible cheap ass and will simply build one of these out of either 3/4 or 1/2 ply. I have one currently that is use and am planning on buiding another one.

  6. fred says:

    Re Shopmonger (aka Donny B) Says:

    Maybe I’m expecting too much from them – but we have about 30 routers many of which go out into the field every day and we have found that brass collars from Whiteside beat out the plated PC collars and both work muchlonger than the Milescraft plastic.
    As far as bases go – we make many of our own from Lexan sheet – but recently bought a couple of Rousseau models (the verdict is not in yet)

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