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Bronze Wool

Steel wool leaves small fibers behind, which is especially bad when you’re using water-based finish. The water in the finish can rust the stray fibers, stain the wood, and ruin your project.  Bronze wool provides one alternative — it’s been used in corrosive marine environments for years. It won’t rust, plus it resists shedding.

Made from a lead-free silicon bronze alloy, bronze wool comes in three grades: fine, medium, and coarse. Use the coarse grade for stripping finishes or removing rust, the medium grade for prepping before finishing and between coats, and the fine grade for polishing or buffing.

Look to pay about $4 to $6 for a three-pack.

Bronze Wool [Homax]
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One Response to Bronze Wool

  1. fred says:

    Of course steel wool has the advantage that shed strands can be picked-up with a magnet. By the way – on both bronze and steel wool a good brand with good QA will have all the material at the same grade with no errant strands – so as you move down to finer and finer material – you will not have a few strands of coarser material spoil the finnish. Thats also why it is important to clean between sandings or between steel-wool use – so that you do not leave behind coarser material.

    Another alternative is the 3M (Scotchbrite) or Norton pads – that do fine in many instances for paint-grade work.

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