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Pull the trigger and the drill spins; release the trigger and the drill spins. I can see that being a recall. Bosch advises “Stop using immediately” if you own their hammer drill model 1191VSRK. Even if yours hasn’t malfunctioned yet, you might consider contacting Bosch — and if it starts running as soon as you plug it in, you should absolutely call them.

The malfunction seems to appear only in the serial number series starting with “7” — 7XXXXXXXX — and the K on the end of the model number means the drills were included in kits. Check out the release on the Bosch site if you might be affected.

Model 1191VSR Hammer Drill Recall [Bosch]


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  1. I like Bosch for my woodworking services. I have some advice to new drill user. Please use a better drill and use a good regular drill, corded, for torque, rather than a battery powered one. Clamp the heck out of the rock! Multiple clamps! If possible use a drill press, even an attachment if a real press is not available. Go slow and steady with a new masonry bit. Safety goggles, with side protection. Protect your groin and chest in case this thing breaks apart and throws schrapenel everywhere!

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