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We build shop storage solutions for many reasons. Perhaps we just can’t find what we’re looking for, or we want a custom rig for carrying our must-have tools instead of cramming them into something that doesn’t quite fit. Of all the reasons we’ve heard lately, we like reader ghb624’s best — he does it because he can.

Here’s his explanation of the boxes-o-plenty in the picture:

I understand some folks make birdhouses in their retirement. I make tool boxes, utility boxes, what-not boxes, and so on. I suppose what’s behind it, in part, is the idea that if I have enough of them, I’ll be able to organize all the assorted STUFF that threatens to drive me crazy. But yeah, no doubt I’ve been sucked in by an illusion there.

Oh, just noticed – I forgot to drag out the Big Daddy tool box and add it to the collection. Probably “forgot” because the subconscious was reminding me how heavy it is.

I have a bit of a storage fetish myself so I can definitely understand the need to create more. Also it’s cool, when someone asks you where you got that toolbox, to answer, “I built it.”

Toolmonger Photo Pool [Flickr]


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  1. Pete judd says:

    All most everything that I make in the shop is a box in some way, I give a two thumbs up on this work.

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