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Disconnect the battery, hook up your new equipment, connect the battery, test, repeat as needed. It’s not so bad if you’ve just got the one project, but if you’re restoring a car or doing extensive customizations, or if you’re racing, all that disconnecting and reconnecting can get old fast. Install this switch and you can disconnect the power with just a flick of the wrist — and you don’t have to mess with twisting or stowing the cables where they won’t flop back onto the battery terminals.

This Hella switch features a removable key — bad if you lose it, but great if you like the lockout/tagout procedures that keep others from electrocuting or maiming you. Street pricing is $20, and replacement keys run $8.

Master Disconnect Switch [Summit Racing]
Street Pricing [Google Products]


8 Responses to Battery Disconnect Switch

  1. Shopmonger (aka Donny B) says:

    These are great for a car that you never move. My wife has a winter car and she uses one of these. Keeps her battery from dying. Alos great fro race cars for quick pit stops (aka i broke somehitng during a race)
    Or I have also used them on Drag cars for cutting the power during quick tune ups at the track.

  2. Adam says:

    You can get all sorts of versions of these at any race shop, and in some race series you need specific non-sparking ones that are AHRA-approved or whatever. But yeah, they’re nice for some things- I use one on a big set of trawling motor batteries, to disconnect them when I’m not using them. Less sparking then just removing the cable, and less wear over time too.

  3. Patrickfw says:

    Just don’t use it as an engine kill unless you want to be buying new alternators. You can buy a different model that has a disconnct for the alternator circuit. My two cents worth.

  4. Chris says:

    Patrickfw, mind explaining why killing an engine with a battery disconnect switch is bad for the alternator?


  5. patrickfw says:

    What I’ve seen many times at the race track (and I’ve done it myself, oops) is someone will install a battery disconnect thinking it will shut off the engine in an emergency. what really happens is the engine will keep running with power just from the alternator. This causes the alternator to start overcharging which will burn it out pretty quick. I think some alternators have kind of a built in safety for that, but not all. If you are just using it as a quick disconnect while working on the car then it’s a perfect solution.
    Hope that helps. Summit does sell the type with a alternator cicuit, I believe.

  6. curt pasawicz says:

    does the switch install between the positive or negative wire?

  7. Alex says:

    Harbor Freight Tools Has those in stock for $4.99

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