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When cheap knockoffs of your product start cropping up, you know you’ve got a winner. The Zilla-Tool looks like it wants to be a Skelatool but has no idea how to get there — other than to drill 4,000 holes in it and hope no one notices.

Other than the Swiss-cheese effect it looks like a normal pliers-based multi-tool. It features the standard drop-point knife blade, driver accessories, and the obligatory bottle opener. Though it’s an obvious stab at the new multi-tool style, it does look like the Zilla-Tool will perform its advertised function.

Other than the extra holes we don’t see anything special here — but if you’re into holes you can throw down $25 and have something a little different hooked to your belt.

Zilla-Tool [CRKT]
Street Pricing [Google Products]


11 Responses to The Zilla Multi-Tool

  1. Shopmonger says:

    Awsome Consecpt .. to bad they didn’t think of it first or even second…

    Another Chessy nockoff…

    Although until tested…………………

  2. Tom Jackson says:

    Hardly new; it looks a LOT like an old Al Mar design, which came from a World War II escape tool, which probably came from some civilian inventor long before that.

  3. Eric says:

    Actually the Zilla-Tool came out a long time prior to the Skeletool. However having looked at them a few times it definitely isn’t the quality of Leatherman’s offering. That said, I generally do like CRKT stuff.

  4. James says:

    The more obscure CRKT models periodically show up on steepandcheap.com for close to nothing. I’ll totally buy this if it turns up, since CRKT makes well designed, quality stuff.

  5. Bill Schuller says:

    Looks to me like those holes aren’t just there as a design element. Looks to me like they’re intended to be wire strippers? And are the “dents” on the body towards the “Ricasso” hexagonal? Maybe intended to drive small nuts? I’m not saying I’m about to pony up for one of these (or a Skelatool for that matter), but looks to me like those holes might be more than decoration.

  6. Michael says:

    Sorry but it looks ugly to me. Maybe from a sci-fi where they try and make common things look futuristic.

  7. Raven Sati says:

    Why all the nasty talk about this tool ? I have one of these and it is handy around the condo and I take it when I go hiking. I does everything it is designed to do – and does it very well. Why doesn’t somebody moderate this blog and spare us all the sill crap.

  8. Bill says:

    I agree with Raven and James. I’ve got several CRKT knives, and they are all high quality pieces. I’d be hesitant to call anything they do a “cheap knockoff.”

  9. Tom says:

    1) The Zilla tool came out way before the Skeletool! So you might
    want to rethink who inspired who!

    2) The Zilla tool is much larger and can perform bigger tasks across the board!!!!! There is no comparison here!!!

    3) The Zilla tool uses a standard Phillips and Flat blade bit, NO other multitool carries these bits on the tool as standard equipment!!!!

    4) The Zilla tool is excellent quality and cost less than half the skeletool!!

  10. Tom says:

    5) The Zilla tool has a cool Flipper Knife!!!

    6) The Zilla tool opens BAAAMMM, with a spring loaded button!!

    7) The Zilla tool is ergonomic and you can squeeze it as hard as you want without hurting your hand. Not so much the case with the Skeletool.

    8) The Skeletool is a very nice design and a lot lighter but at the end of the day is kind of small compared to regular sized multitools.

  11. akb427 says:

    They broke the link from here. What goofball moves a product page without having a redirect or rewrite rule? Do they not want people to find their product?

    Besides that, even their zoomed in picture is way too small to really see what the tool is like.

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