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Craftsman Mechanics Gloves

Sears has marked these mechanics gloves down to $8 — they aren’t the greatest gloves in the world, but you’ll be glad to have ’em in the back of your car for that emergency tire change or suchlike. Available in sizes medium, large, and extra large, they feature flexible, durable synthetic palms, padded two-way-stretch Spandex top, and double-density fingers and thumb for added protection.

Mechanics Gloves [Sears]


3 Responses to Dealmonger: Craftsman Mechanics Gloves $8

  1. Shopmonger says:

    Everyone loves some good glovin

  2. Toolaremia says:

    Even cheaper online! $6.39 a pair for local pickup! I just bought the last 3 in NE Maryland.

    As for “they aren’t the greatest gloves in the world”, may I refer you to this photographic evidence that they are very good. For $6, they are fantastic.

  3. Dave Messina says:

    I’ve been quite happy with my pair of Craftsman gloves. But after your comment, now I’m curious — what gloves do you prefer instead?

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