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Sometimes Toolmonger news just rolls into my e-mail! Rod sent the following “press release” along with the picture above:

Just thought I would show you a picture of the new nail gun DeWalt just came out with…this baby is a Man’s Tool!

It can drive a 6-D nail thru a 2 X 4 at 200 yards.

This makes construction a real breeze — you can sit in your lawn chair and build a fence.

Just get the wife and kids to hold the fence boards in place while you sit back, relax with a cold drink — when they have the board in the right place, just fire away.

With the hundred-round magazine, you can build a fence with a minimum of reloading.

After a day of fence-building with the new DeWalt rapid-fire nail gun, the wife won’t ask you fix or build anything else.

We likey. Just make sure the fam is wearing safety goggles, and some Kevlar.


54 Responses to New DeWalt Nail Gun?

  1. John E. says:

    Today isn’t April 1st so I guess there’s a possibility that this is true.

  2. This picture has been floating around for years. It’s just an AR-15 with yellow furniture and a couple of DeWalt stickers that someone put on for fun.

  3. FredB says:

    Let’s say there is “true” and there is “real.” This is likely a real AR-15 rifle, but it’s not a DeWalt anything.

  4. Gary says:

    Nuts. I was all set to buy. If they have an IR scope option, you could build fences at night. That would be handy.

    I wonder if they have a .22 long rifle brad nailer that you can get for interior moulding work…

  5. Dave says:

    Wow, Bill…you sucked the fun right out of that one. Bet you’re a barrel of laughs in real life!

  6. Shopmonger says:

    Yeah I must agree,
    Keep it fun ….. we can all dream with out Bill throwing salt

  7. Ryan says:

    Since the barrel of a gun is made to spin a bullet, maybe they could use this as a screw gun as well 😉

  8. Jack says:

    Yep. I have an earlier version, camo color. Made by COLT. Works fine.

  9. Dave (a different one) says:

    A buddy of mine sent me the link to this, as it was pinched off my website. That’s (my) real gun, and it shoots real bullets.

    To Bill Bradford – close, it’s not an AR15, it’s an M16. (NFA registered, etc) otherwise, you’re right. I put some yellow furniture on, and stuck a sticker on it. The battery is a 20 round magazine that I epoxied into a dewalt battery casing.

  10. noname says:

    How ’bout giving them to engineers in the army. I can’t think of any military use for a nailer, but it sure would be cool

    • d4texas says:

      Military having no use for a nail gun??? When we rebuild countries, we gotta have tools, right? Get the locals to hold up the lumber and the soldier can nail the boards from his patio chair while sipping suds.

  11. noname says:

    how about a silencer

  12. noname says:

    oops. didn’t read all the comments

  13. Dave (a different one) says:

    I have a silencer for it, I just didn’t take any pics with it mounted.

  14. J.R. Bluett says:

    Dave (a different one), thanks for speaking up on the source! I looked around on the web to see if I could find an original, but there were a lot of different hits. What is the link to the “Nail Gun” on your website?

  15. Dave (a different one) says:

    JR –

    go ahead and email me and i’ll give you the site w/ all the original pics. i’d rather not get my little server hammered 🙂

  16. Dave (a different one) says:

    heh. it’s a tool themed site. “hammered”… get it?

    yeah, it’s lame.

  17. Dylan says:

    Awesome work, probably would have gotten that instead of my new air-nailer if i had seen it on the shelf at the H-D. Is the stock off a Tipman 98 Custom painball gun? Remindes me of my friend’s one. And you made hackaday by the way.

  18. Tom says:

    I work on aircraft at tinker in OKC. I know some sheet metal
    workers that would like to have something like this out there.
    Since it is a government job, they could sit in the break room,
    drive rivets at 200m and never get up. And the next great thing about it is there coffee would get cold either.

  19. CapnJim says:

    Hi Dave (a different one),

    I’d love to see more info & pics re the DeWalt. Please send me the link….


  20. KYLE says:

    this is not a nail gun..
    its actually a real assualt rifel with i guess some kind of disguse??
    but yea its loaded with real bullets no nails but it is cool
    ive seen a variety of pictures and it loaded with blow ur head off gun powder all shells..no nails sorry

  21. justin says:

    its not a nail gun its a assualt rifle ive seen many pics
    and its loaded with real ammunition…
    no nails.. but i guess its just a cool custom theme that was made for what is that an m4 i think

  22. shakey says:

    Do they do a heat gun? I have some stubborn paint that needs “removing”

  23. asdf says:

    Not sure Kevlar can stop a flying nail…

  24. Robert 'the Rev.' says:

    Greetings. Where can I get one?

  25. Alex says:

    Dave (not the one), I am calling bullshit on you, you are full of crap.
    Oh and for the record, that is an M4, not an M16. I would like to call bullshit that it is even an M4, but I can’t see the fire switch.

  26. Anto says:

    alex- m4’s dont have an ambidextorus (cant spell it) fire selector… so dont go off on a rant onless you have your facts right

  27. Daniel J. Smelko says:

    True it’s not April 1st “John E” but a sense of humor usually carries over into every day of the year. They would never really make a nail gun like this, to many people at the work place already use the ones they do have to shoot at other people, totally ignorant ones!

  28. Wulf says:

    Anto, from someone who spent many years carrying an M-16, that is not one. Alex is correct that it is an M-4. This is most noteable by the adjustable stock and shorter barrel length.

  29. Nelson says:

    Real, not real: who cares? Still funny as heck! Love the text accompanying the picture, too.

  30. Malicious says:

    Funnily enough i decided that I would put some input in here though the post is rather old some of the comments are not. Others are correct in dave being completely full of it as it is a M-4 and not a m-16 but Also Anto is incorrect as it does have a firing switch though it is in the form of a circular key switch located near the stalk of the weapon. This is clearly visible here in this zoomed view of a M-4 this picture will also kill all doubts of what type of weapon this is and dave ignorant claim to fame. http://www.colt.com/mil/downloads/m4_01.jpg

  31. Trillium says:

    Gees! Can’t any of you guys spell or write a simple sentence? To busy playing with guns, I suspect.
    It is a cool looking item for a nail gun, but only if you can get an assistant to hold the item you want to nail. (Why risk a wife, when you can use a boss?)

  32. Ray says:

    M-16, M-4 ???? What I want to know is how big is the air compressor you have to haul around to fire the thing? Is it shoulder mount, or on wheels?

  33. Roger says:

    Darn, I thought it was the real thing. I was all set to go out tomorrow and buy one! Darn, darn, darn!!!

  34. Blake says:

    anyone know where to get one???

  35. roy one says:

    i love mine !!! works great!!!!! i got the optional 500,000 mag. with the starlite scope. super great. the barrel will over heat a bit after 200,000 rounds but it pumps them out in under 10 seconds. works great on deer but it takes about 100 direct hits. havent tryed it out on hogs yet. one of my friends has a told me it works o. k. but you have to hit them at least 1000 direct hits and dont miss, it pisses them off something awful. best of luck and good hunting.

  36. ron b says:

    Where is the “add to cart” link?…lol I want one.

  37. john durchholz says:

    dear sirs, where do you get the new nail gun in above picture?

  38. Wayne LaPierre says:

    Can I get a 1000 round “drum” on mine?

  39. adam says:

    Does it come with batteries and charger?

  40. Robert Denning says:

    Damn I want one!!!!! or 2, where can I find one.

  41. Greg H says:

    Wait and see if the gun control is signed youll see these on the market with a airtank for your Back

  42. Lisa says:

    This should be pattoned I would buy one.

  43. Wayne40cal says:

    Sad but you people that live in New York can’t have on of these. Damn shame

  44. Bob Stafford says:

    I fell for this one. I was so hoping it was real. I was ready to purchase one. I thought if some unwanted person breaks into my home, I could literally nail his A$$ to the wall until the police showup.

  45. Rob says:

    *facepalm* please read a couple comments before posting. The gun is obviously not a nail gun(just a mod to look like one). Not sure why Dave is lying it’s his. Obviously it’s a Canadian made C-8 made by Diemaco. you can tell because of the short barrel length, ambidextrous fire selector dual sided mag release and collapsable buttstock.
    Lying on the internet is like pissing in a public pool….nobody knows it, but you’re still an asshole.
    (P.S. I’m speaking from experience as I am a curent serving infanteer who carries a C-8.)

  46. don harris sr says:

    hey if this is real i would like to have one on the carpenter shope shelve to NAIL some of thouse bad tool sales people so they can say they got nailed today LOL LOL LOL

  47. Tony says:

    I wonder how many of the recent posters realise that this article is nearly 5 years old.

  48. BIGSEXY0434 says:

    Do DeWALT mark the parts for attached standard parts for a M-16/ AR-15? rifle with some parts YELLOW parts that you can my for you’re rifl?

  49. JAMES says:


  50. Gio says:

    Does any one know where I can order or buy 2 contact me 9732892536 !….new or used I want it

  51. Diozark says:

    Darn, I already put this on my list of things to buy, Hey Dewault …get busy on this would ya!

  52. Tony says:

    I was hoping for the new Porter Cable M-16 gauge nailer.

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