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Magswitch Manhole Lifter

Powerful magnets are cool — powerful magnets that switch on and off are even cooler — and magnets powerful enough to lift a manhole cover rank way up there on the coolness scale. This Magswitch manhole-lifting magnet can lift manhole covers up to 400 lbs!

The manhole magnet itself only weighs 18 lbs — combined with the lifting handle the system weighs 23 lbs and folds into a 44″ package.

The lifter sets up in less than a minute. Place the dual 70mm magnet on the manhole, turn it on, and remove the cover with the lifting handle — much easier and safer than a pry bar.

Although Magswitch says the manhole-lifter system is very affordable, they don’t list a price. So if you’re interested you’ll have to contact Magswitch directly.

Manhole-Lifter System [Magswitch]


7 Responses to It’s Just Cool: Manhole-Lifting Magnet

  1. Jim German says:

    Man I used to have to open manhole covers for a living, and using a pair of crow bars was always a pain in the ass, this thing would make life much easier.

  2. PutnamEco says:

    Looks lot a lot more trouble than just breaking out the hook. From truck to open manhole I’ll bet the hook is quicker too. Just pry the cover up about ten inches and rotate it out of the hole.

    http://www.tandttools.com/Top Popper.htm

  3. fred says:

    We purchase a lot of specialty items from Pollard Water.


    They sell several similar lifters and the old standy hooks which is what we use.

  4. Shopmonger says:

    Yeah just a cool way to do somethng people have to do all day long.

  5. Ryan says:

    I am wondering how the manhole is removed from the magnet? is it an electro magnet? if so, how does one feasibly get power for it?

  6. SuperJdynamite says:

    “I am wondering how the manhole is removed from the magnet?”

    Most likely the magnet is behind a non-magnetic frame. You pull a handle which moves the magnet away from the manhole cover and it drops off.

    It’s similar to how those magnetic tool holders work on mills.

  7. Scott says:

    Used one similar to this on the job. Definately beats the crowbar / hooks. A lot safer too.

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