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Imagine entering your garage, flipping a switch, and your woodworking equipment descends from above, turning your garage into a shop. Home Storage Management could make this dream a reality. Their Loft-It system can lift up to 1,000 lbs of equipment 60″ high. You needn’t store shop equipment — the Loft-It can also elevate your motorcycle, snowmobile, four-wheeler, or other seasonal equipment off the garage floor and out of your way.

HSM constructs the Loft-It from aircraft-grade aluminum and stainless steel lifting cables. The motor resides in the base, and you operate it with a lockable key switch.  You don’t have to worry about overloading the 4′ by 8′ platform — it won’t raise if you load it past the weight limit. When you’re not using the Loft-It, it stores flat against the wall.

Get one now at Garage Strategies for $2,200.

[Home Storage Management]
Loft-It [Garage Strategies]


9 Responses to Increase The Floor Space In Your Garage

  1. John E. says:

    Has anyone seen a cheaper version of this? My house is constructed with trusses so I have 2ft of space above my ceiling that is unused. It’s going to be a 4′ x 2′ platform that will drop down from ceiling.

  2. ned.ludd says:

    Looks like a really really really bad idea for those of us that live in earthquake prone areas.

  3. Justin says:

    Looks great, but for $2200 I’d buy a shed.

  4. Jim German says:

    Sounds like a great idea for the rest of us who live in nice stable natural disaster free areas.

    Awfully Expensive though.

  5. berettaguy says:

    I think you could improvise something like this with some 2×6’s, angle iron, and one of those $200 Harbor Freight winches. The problem I see that limits its usefulness is that whatever you put underneath also has to be mobile, so that you can lower whatever you have put on the platform.

  6. Patrick says:

    Just high enough to bang the hell outta your head every time you walk by.

    Also, anyone notice it’s always a decked out chrome cruiser on the trailer or bike lift?

  7. Ryan says:

    Good idea berettaguy. You say the stuff underneath needs to be mobile. How about an equally sized platform with wheels, one could stack 60″ of stuff onto it and roll it out of the way when lowering the platform.

  8. jake says:

    berettaguy has the right idea. 80/20 would be great for the structure, they all of the have linear motion bearings too.

  9. _Jon says:

    A small version of this would be great for those of us who have to switch out a snowblower for a lawn mower every two seasons. It wouldn’t have to be big and would probably fit right along the edge of the garage, where the mower / blower gets tucked right now.
    Heck, for that matter I might just hook up a rope and tackle, with a deck, now that i have the idea.

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