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Toolmongers’ll sometimes buy a cheap-ass tool on purpose — because we just need to get the job done once, and the tool quality won’t affect the project — but if we really need the tool to work right and it just doesn’t cut it, that’s not cool.  My paint runs any time I paint anything, so the Run Razor looks like a tool I need, but the only review on Amazon says it’s too cheaply made to be worthwhile.

Street pricing is around $6, so even a super-duper version built to the finest German-watchmaker precision couldn’t run more than about $25.

Is the Run Razor a “hot” commodity? Are there any hot alternatives? Let us know in comments.

Run Razor [Motor Guard]
Street Pricing [Google Products]
Via Amazon [What’s This?] [What’s This?]


7 Responses to Hot or Not? Run Razor

  1. KMR says:

    Eastwood used to carry run razors that worked great. They were small 1″x1″ wooden blocks with multi-blade razor face. Very fine quality, lasted a long time before they went dull… works like it was supposed to.

    I don’t know about these plastic single blade deals.

  2. fred says:

    I think that Eastwood still carries Nib Files and these run razors.

  3. Avisciciulli says:

    Straight old cheapo razor blade works pretty well. At least on glass.

    Other than, learn to cut in. Move your shoulder, not your elbow/wrist.

  4. Dan says:

    We used to sell these at the autobody supply where I used to work. They work great for getting small runs out of automotive clear coat before wetsanding and buffing the finish.

  5. Marshall says:

    I use the Veritas copy of the Starrett scraper with a carbide blade. It is so responsive that you can remove run (correct name “drib”) without injuring the underlying paint.

  6. kyle says:

    These wrere origolally developed for the automotive industry and work well on automotive grade urathane clear (not something the adverage person would be working with) Ihave no idea how well they would work on paint or clear avalible to the general public

  7. Check out Shim-Mask, a very thin stainless steel masking shim to protect the surrounding area as you shave and sand a run.

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