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The 4th of July is this Friday and we’re sure everyone’ll be celebrating Independence Day with the same time-tested recipe — cookouts and fireworks. This year, as usual, we’ve heard tons of stories and plans from guys who’re cooking up the ultimate home-brew fireworks display.

If you plan to light up the backyard and show the neighborhood what you got, let us know and send us some pics of your ostentatious display. We get a kick out of seeing them or hearing the stories about the ones that didn’t turn out right — you know, the stories that end with, “Then it chased me halfway down the street.”

We recommend that you check your local laws, understand the safety guidelines for the fireworks you buy, and learn how to properly dispose of them after firing. It was much less complicated when we were kids — light it, watch it explode, run away.

The National Council on Fireworks Safety [Website]


2 Responses to 4th Of July Fireworks

  1. self-lighting gas torch – no reason to get close to things that are DESIGNED to blow up is there?

  2. Adam says:

    pah, forget the home ones- nothing like firing off the pro stuff 😀

    Alas, not my job this year. But I WILL be on rooftops with amateur (ham) radio tv gear, at Red White & Boom in Columbus OH.

    Any other ‘mongers gonna be at RW&B

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