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With Milwaukee’s 8″ Metal-Cutting Saw you can cut 10-gauge sheet and 1/4″ plate steel all day long, with the convenience of cold-cutting and metal-shaving collection. With proper cutting techniques, Milwaukee claims that the saw can cut 3/4″ steel plate.

I didn’t find any info on the steel quality that those specs are based on, but mild steel is the likely bet. Milwaukee has worked up a cost comparison for the saw’s blades: $0.20 per blade, versus $0.60 for an abrasive wheel for a right-angle grinder.

In a production environment the ongoing savings might offset the $245 asking price, but the average DIYer is probably better off sticking with a less expensive tool.

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6 Responses to Metal-Cutting Circular Saw

  1. Jim Little says:

    I have, on occasion, cut 1/2″ aluminum plate using a regular 8″ circular saw with a standard carbide tipped blade. The blade rotates much too fast for steel, though.

  2. fred says:

    We looked at this Milwaukee 6370 Saw when it first came on the market. I thought to buy it because I had heard good things and that it performed better than a metal-cutting Porter Cable Saw. Our main application was for cutting metal roof decking. We use Milwaukee portable band saws for other metal cutting operations in the field.

    What I ended up purchasing was a MK Morse. MK Morse markets the Evolution Rage Saws as “Metal Devils” – CSM7 MB 7inch and CSM9MB 9 inch. Morse also sells several different saw blades – one for mild steel, another for stainless and a third for aluminum. We purchased a 9 inch model and have used it to cut mild steel plate – and it works well – but only with a fresh blade. It works even better on roof decking which is thinner and hard to cut easily with any other tool – this saw is good for that application.
    I do not recall how these compared back then in price to the Milwaukee saw (6370) – but when I purchased the 9 inch Morse (paid about $470 at a supply house in NJ) I was warned-off the Milwaukee – but I’m not sure if I was being directed to the Morse because of its price or better performance.
    The Morse is pretty “tricked-out” – sporting a bevel and laser guide feature – which we have not found to be very important.

  3. Rodd Snyder says:

    I’ve used the Evolution 7″ metal saw on several occasions and love it! One time, I needed to cut off several 2″ diameter stainless steel table legs at my wife’s cafe before opening day. She had been on my case to get it done, and I put it off until the last minute.

    It was a weekend and the only blade I had available was an old beat up (missing several teeth) steel blade. I was not sure if it would cut through the stainless or not.

    NO PROBLEM! The saw ripped right through the legs. Muy Bien!! yelled the cook when he was able to prep food on a shorter table!

  4. Bob says:

    Would rather go with plasma, but great for small jobs. Plus can’t beat the price on blades.

  5. John says:

    I’m in the market for one of these, but am not sure whether to get the Milwaukee or the MK Morse. The 7″ Morse and the 8″ Milwaukee are comparable in price, but the 9″ Morse is nearly double. I think that’s all I’ve managed to cross off my list…

  6. Bob says:

    I have no problem telling people that I have had a lot of trouble with Milwaukee honoring their warranty. I am a professional user of these tools and have one of these saws. I only have it because I couldn’t immediately get my hands on the one I wanted and had a deadline. The job was to trim one leg down on several lengths of 3/16″ thick angle. To keep it short we had not even worn out the first blade when it quit. Milwaukee repair said we had abused the tool and would not honor the warranty . Luckily our supplier knows us and that we have bought a couple saws of another brand and use them regularly and successfully. Our supplier (tool&anchor in Denver) replaced the tool, most likely at their own expense. It’s to lengthy of a story but I had similar experiences with Milwaukee and their 4-1/2 inch grinders about ten years ago and have sworn off Milwaukee since

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