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A fender roller is your last, best hope for fitting over-sized wheels and tires. Why? It flattens out the bit of sheet metal sticking out horizontally from the wheel-well lip, giving you another few millimeters of space inside the fender.

Best of all, Eastwood is offering their quite sturdy and functional-looking model for $200 today. Sure, that’s not pocket change (for we poor bloggers at least), but it’s chump change compared to what the body shop’ll charge you to straighten and repaint your fender after you jack it up with a hammer.

PS: If you’re wondering how this thing works, there’s a video on the page linked below.

Fender Roller [Eastwood]


3 Responses to Dealmonger: Eastwood’s Fender Roller

  1. laz says:

    You’ll need to use a heat gun with this, else you’ll get cracked paint.

    I’ve never used one of these fancy tools. On my race car, I cleaned the undercoating out with a wire wheel, heat gun + hammered, and followed up with some vice grips to really flatten the lip.

  2. Coligny says:

    Seconded for the paint problem… Paint maniacs always recommend strip and repaint everytime you fix a bump. Panel paint don’t have any flex additive unlike the bumper paint.

    And I don’t know for you… but in my piston-heads acquaintance. Just thinking about buying this kind of tool will reduce quite heavily your life expectancy…

    This is fancy and expensive but not anything else than redneck engineering…

  3. Ivon Borges says:

    Moro no Brasil como faço para adquirir
    o Roller e que valor fica.

    I live in Brazil, how do I get
    the Roller and what value it gets.

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