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10C Charger

Your drill is a Bosch, your reciprocating saw a Milkwaukee, your router a DeWalt, and that’s just your tools — the rest of your crew also owns a widely mixed set of cordless tools. You could, and routinely do, fill a bench with chargers. With the Crew Charge from 10C Technologies you can charge up to four different-style batteries at the same time.

Using adapters, the Crew Charger can automatically detect 10.8V through 18V batteries. It charges up to four nickel-cadmium or metal-hydride batteries from DeWalt, Makita, Bosch, Milwaukee, Panasonic, Hilti, Hitachi, Ridgid, and Ryobi, and lithium-ion batteries from Mikita, Bosch, and Milwaukee. You can find a full listing of compatible batteries on their site.

If charging four different batteries at the same time isn’t enough, 10C Technologies has some other tricks up their sleeves. They claim the Crew Charge can charge most batteries in 15 minutes while extending battery life and detecting bad batteries. It can even revive old and tired batteries.

To insure that the batteries are safely charged, 10C’s charger includes their S3 sensor safety system which measures battery temperature with both a contact temperature sensor and a visual infrared sensor.

The Crew Charge starts at $360, but if you’re not a careful shopper you could pay up to $440. Each adapter runs about $20.

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2 Responses to Universal Battery Charger

  1. Manny says:

    Excellent idea! I only use milwaukee 18v cordless power tools. Not cause I think they are the best (I’m happy with them..don’t get me wrong)..but its the first kit I bought. I wanted to try other brands like bosch, makita and dewalt etc… as well. I stuck with milwaukee 18v when I needed more tools because I didn’t want to bring 2 or 3 different chargers and batteries along where ever i went to do some work. well..this takes care of the charger thing…Can’t wait till some genius comes up with a universal battery. How he’ll do it? I don’t know. But I have a feeling we’re getting there.

  2. Flatthead54 says:

    Anybody use this thing? I have all kinds of batteries so I’m wondering.

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