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I hoped this was an electric bazooka when I saw the picture, but it only bends PVC pipe. But maybe that isn’t such a tiny feat; I’ve cracked or snapped a lot of PVC while trying to get a shape I wanted. The key: You’ve got to heat it up to get a good tight angle. Something like this scheme might be ok if you only bend PVC as an art or hobby, but if you’ve got lots of PVC pipe to bend you’ll probably want a PVC-bending oven, or box — or tube.

Gardner Bender designed the HotTube to bend 1/2″ to 2″ PVC conduit, schedule 40-80.  We’ve mentioned before that the product information on Gardner Bender’s site is tough to find — you’ll have to jump to page 31 if you follow the link.

MyToolStore.com sells the HotTube for $688.

HotTube [Gardner Bender]
HotTube [MyToolStore.com]


4 Responses to PVC Pipe Bender

  1. Dave says:

    Fill the pipe with sand before you bend it, too. The old Scottish mandrel.

  2. KMR says:

    The only use I have for PVC is mocking up tubular exhaust manifolds. All of the tubes get bent out of PVC into a representative manifold before we attempt anything in steel. 1) PVC is cheap 2) easy and fast to cut 3) easy and fast to join 4) hand bendable with heat. You can’t beat it for mock-ups.

    The downside of PVC is that it is PVC… it’ll be on this earth forever and its fairly toxic to your health when melted. I regret choosing PVC siding for my home a few years ago, the front of my home is brick, the side and rear PVC. Should have gone with that concrete siding material instead.

  3. Peter Mueller says:

    KMR raises a good point here: The toxicity of burning PVC is highly underrated in this country. PVC cable insulation, PVC pipes, PVC siding; PVC is everywhere in our homes and when a house catches fire several hazardous compounds can form (for example tetrachlorordibenzo-dioxin or TCDD, a very very toxic substance). This aspect makes PVC a problematic substance to dispose of as well, as much of our waste is being burned these days.

  4. TMT Bars says:

    pvc is most flexible item.

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