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Pounding tent stakes into hardpan, into tree roots, into rock — into just about every impossible plastic-stake-breaking, metal-stake-bending situation there is — has been an American pasttime for as long as camping has been. These ScrewPegs should take some of the pain out of the situation.

Pack the giant-screw tent stakes and your favorite cordless drill/driver, and off you go — as if you really needed an excuse to take power tools camping. Propane stove, air compressor, power drill: there’s nothing quite like roughing it.

ScrewPegs run 42 pounds sterling for thirty pegs — that’s about $85 if the exchange rate holds steady.

ScrewPegs [Corporate Site]


7 Responses to Power-Drill Tent Stakes

  1. Jim K. says:

    Hmm… $2.80 per peg seems a bit pricey for me. They might have been nice when I was camping in Death Valley though (hardest bloody soil I’ve ever camped on). What wound up saving my hide were my rock chisels that I’d brought along for some mineral collecting a few days later. I pounded those suckers into the ground, tied the tent down with some rope and it wasn’t going anywhere. This turned out to be great as later that day a dust storm kicked up and was blowing tents around the campground like tumbleweeds (except for mine).

  2. kif says:

    We have it so good these days – tent stakes put in with a cordless drill. You should have seen the unwieldy primitive drill-like apparatus Sir Edmund Hillary had to carry around to drill his tent stakes in. Most people mistakenly think he was carrying ropes in those pictures – they were extension cords!

    What other tasks to you think up to justify bringing the drill on the trip? A weenie rotisserie for evenly cooked dogs? A very slow fan? An expediently rendered latrine for your pet mouse? Searching for extremely shallow oil deposits? Chuck up a q-tip and restore your ears to like new condition? Relief from the onus of constantly cranking your fishing reel?

  3. Bill says:

    How about some longer 1/2″ lagbolts and a bit-brace?

  4. Old Coot says:

    I usually have my butler drive the stakes whilst the maid prepares a pitcher of margaritas. /dreaming

  5. James says:

    Think how pissed off Van Helsing would be if he saw this technology. To think he chased Dracula around with a wooden mallet and stake when he could have just used a cordless Makita and a few of the Screwpegs….I guess you could say he would have screwed him to eternal death… 😛

  6. Michael says:

    “Relief from the onus of constantly cranking your fishing reel? “.

    I am all for less onus.

  7. Steve says:

    These might be handy for people who set up crafting tents for art shows and the like. Time is always an issue and anything that speeds setting up is a blessing.

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