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I normally don’t go for the dime-store keychain stuff, but these Garrett Wade pewter keychains aren’t half bad. They come in three styles: wood plane, garden implements, and mechanic’s tools.

They’re a bit cheesy and you wouldn’t want to show them off to everyone you meet — but I think it would be cool and a nice thought, when unveiling the new garden shed out back, to present someone with a key ring that sports a pewter set of gardening tools as well as keys to the new potting playground.

Then again you could also spend the ten bucks on a six-pack and just say, “Nice shed.”

Pewter Tool Keychains [Garrett Wade]


4 Responses to Pewter Hand-Tool Keychain

  1. Vody says:

    I’m going to opt for the 6-pack and a “Nice shed.”
    These look a little too much like my niece’s charm bracelettes…

  2. Erin says:

    I think they’re cute. But I’m a chick. 🙂

  3. Orlando Q. says:

    Approximately what size are these keychains and do they open and close?

  4. What are the prices of the key chains wood plane & mechanic’s tools please let me know Thanks Mary-Lou

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