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Owning a few tools and knowing what to do with them makes doing projects a ton easier. Reader Fred Boness can certainly attest to this — he demonstrated his astronomy-crafting skills with his new binoculars stand.

Fred mounted his Celestron 20×80 binoculars to this home-brew counterbalanced mount, which he built from an old tripod, a piece of bar stock, threaded rod, three wing nuts, and a chunk of stainless steel. We give big thumbs up to anyone who uses items they’ve scrounged or found laying around to build something different and handy.

In this case we’re betting Fred saved around $50 vs. buying a basic stand that most likely wouldn’t have been as good as what he built for free. The design is elegantly simple, and the project didn’t take a ton of time — nice work.

Toolmonger Photo Pool [Flickr]


One Response to From the Flickr Pool: Home-Brew Binoculars Stand

  1. FredB says:

    That chunk of stainless steel is something I got from my Dad. It waited fifty years from the time my Dad got it until it found its perfect destiny in this project. I didn’t need to do anything to it to have it drop right in.

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