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EvoGrip from Wenger

Maybe the designers at Wenger are fans of roll-on truck bed liners, because the newest knives in the Evolution (Evo) line look like they got the roll-on treatment. Wenger’s touting the EvoGrip as the next step in the progression of their Evolution platform.

The biggest difference between the Evo and the EvoGrip lines: Wenger added rubber to the recessed areas of the knife, a move that they claim increases the knife’s safety, performance, and functionality.

The EvoGrip line currently includes six knives ranging in retail price from $36 to $133, but who pays retail anymore? On Amazon the six EvoGrip knives range from $30 to a more affordable $80.

EvoGrip Line [Wenger]
Street Pricing [Google Products]
EvoGrip Line [What’s This?] [Amazon]
Yellow EvoGrip 18 Via Amazon(B0017KZDHW) [What’s This?] [What’s This?]


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