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Solar Shed Light

You’d like to illuminate that small outbuilding or garden shed in the back yard, but you don’t want the bother of running electric lines out to it. Instead you could install a solar-powered light like this one from SunForce.

With the SunForce solar shed light, you don’t need to do any wiring — all the energy needed to power the ultra-bright LEDs comes from the swivel-mounting solar panel. The panel charges two 900 mAh batteries which store the energy until you need light. The solar panel is waterproof and the whole system is maintenance-free.

The kit includes the solar panel, rechargeable batteries, LED light, screws and adhesive tape for mounting, and enough wire to place the solar panel up to 12 feet away from the light.

You can find SunForce’s solar shed light for about $20 to $35.

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2 Responses to Let There Be Light (In The Garden Shed)

  1. Mike says:

    I grabbed one of these from Harbor Freight last year and it works fairly well. Don’t expect the same amount of light as from a couple of 4′ fluorescent tubes, but it is pretty handy for those times I walk all the way out to the shed & remember that I forgot to bring the flashlight.

  2. eschoendorff says:

    Those are pretty cool.. I need to check into them!

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