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SoundVision Eye Protection

Safety glasses and earmuffs don’t always feel so comfortable when worn together, and what’s worse, you may also be compromising the seal of the earmuffs, thereby reducing your hearing protection. FullPro claims they have the solution: They attach ANSI Z87.1+ high-impact safety-rated lenses to the earmuffs with hook-and-loop — some would call it Velcro — straps.

To use the SoundVision lenses with your earmuffs, you first clean the outer surface of the earmuffs and attach the self-adhesive hook-and-loop patches to the upper part. Then you put on the earmuffs and place the lenses over your eyes, pulling the straps back until they attach to the hook-and-loop patches on the earmuffs. You can adjust the fit as desired by refining the placement of the straps

FullPro offers three different types of lenses for their SoundVision kit. Order the clear lenses if your primary usage will be indoors, smoke colored lenses if you’ll be in bright environments, or amber lenses if you require high-contrast vision.

The kit includes the SoundVision lenses with flexible hook-and-loop straps, two pairs of self-adhesive hook-and-loop patches to attach to your earmuffs, and a fabric storage pouch for the lenses. The kit doesn’t include earmuffs — you’ll need to supply your own.

You can purchase the SoundVision Eye Protection Kit from the FullPro website for $20 plus shipping and tax where applicable. You might have to wait a while to get the kit, though — FullPro says they’re shipping their next batch in the middle of July.

SoundVision [FullPro]


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