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Before “cordless power tools” we just burned gasoline to get the job done, and gas is still the easiest power source for remote locations where you need to draw heavy power.  For instance, a big, gas-powered wet/dry vacuum can prove indispensable for lots of applications, like prospecting, archaeology, and prairie dog eviction — but I couldn’t find a gas-powered vacuum easily! However, I did find this DIY plan for one.

You start with a gas blower and a five-gallon bucket, and you end up with a big vacuum that recharges at the pump. With gas prices going up you might prefer a cheaper alternative — but if you really need the right tool for the job there may not be a substitute.

GasVac [Minin’ Gold]
Giant Sucking Sound [CNN]


2 Responses to Gas-Powered Wet/Dry Vac

  1. ChrisW says:

    A generator and an electric vacuum might be better unless you need uber portability or billygoat power.

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