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Shark Clamp

It seems like everybody has an idea for a new and better clamp — now Strong Hand Tools has come out with the shark clamp, which distinguishes itself by being fast to use.  Holding the quick-acting button you can open and close the scissor-action jaws quickly and finish tightening them with a few turns — instead of turning and turning and turning the handle.  But do you really need another type of clamp to add to your collection?  Keep reading to find out.

Strong Hand Tools builds the shark clamp with heat-treated nickel/chrome-plated steel. They sell four versions of the clamp. The five and six-inch straight-handled versions can exert up to 200 lbs of clamping force. Soft-grip handles provide comfort, and scalloped rubber pads protect your work. The five and six-inch T-handled versions can exert up to 1,000 lbs. On all models the pads swivel to accommodate round, angled, or uneven surfaces.

Prices vary slightly with size and handle, but expect to pay about $18 to $20 for any of the models.

Shark Clamps
[Strong Hand Tools]
Street Pricing [Google Products]
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3 Responses to Jumping The Shark (Clamps)

  1. ambush27 says:

    I have one of these, they work great also.

  2. fred says:

    Look a bit like their predecessor Kant-Twist clamps:


  3. harryw says:

    I have one, found it specially useful in jaw opening, plastic or metal. It is very quick and the teeth grip / bite well. It this call serenpidity?

    I am in the sixty now, arthritis is catching up. I bought two more for shop use to keep one in the pantry. I used it to clamp 4″ plastic pipe for sawing and pounding pulling out fitted pipe from elbow, and to change water filter. Solve many unique problem.

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