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The Muck Truck

I dedicate this find to reader eschoendorff who thought the collapsible wheelbarrow was less than manly. Now you can replace your puny wheelbarrow with the Muck-truck, a four-wheel-drive, hand-driven dump truck with all-terrain tires that can handle any surface you throw at it, including snow, mud, and sand.

The Muck-truck’s 5-1/2 HP four-stroke Honda GVX engine makes more than enough power to carry 500 lbs up a 30-degree slope. Plus it only generates 80 dB, so you can operate it all day without the risk of hearing damage. Its transaxle transmission provides four forward speeds and one reverse speed to its four drive wheels.

The Muck-truck only weighs 200 lbs, light enough for most vehicles to carry on a trailer, and at 61″ long by 28″ wide it can fit through a standard doorway. Despite its small size, the standard bucket can hold up to six cubic feet of material.

Let’s talk accessories: You can extend the standard bucket to provide 30% more capacity, or you can replace the bucket altogether with a flatbed, a pallet-lift, a vacuum, a trailer hitch, or a bulk skip to carry more voluminous but light materials. Finally, for the northern climes, you can attach a snowplow.

Depending on the dealer, the Muck-truck without accessories can run as low as $1,800 and as high as $2,600.

Muck-truck [Corporate Site]


8 Responses to It’s Just Cool: The Muck-Truck

  1. fred says:

    My excavation/ heavy construction partner has a few Miller Buggies in our yard that are recent replacements. I think at least one is wheeled and another may be tracked. They would certainly be able to shuttle stuff around. While I suspect that they weigh and cost a bit more than what’s pictured here – I hear that the guys like them better than what they replaced.

  2. kif says:

    Honda motor…mud tires…dumps…plows snow…
    Good thing you can’t marry this thing! It should inspire all those who ordered a collapsible wheelbarrow to run it through the chipper when it comes, and apply for man card re-instatement!

  3. Brau says:

    I want one … as a beer trolley!

  4. eschoendorff says:

    Thank you… this is more like it 😆

  5. Coach James says:

    I’ll take one!!

  6. Kevin says:

    Unfortunatly, the muck truck is a real piece of garbage. The video shows it climbing up inclines fully loaded. Mine will not climb, will not pull, doesn’t have 4 wheel drive. When it gets into soft soil, one side digs and the other side just sets there. I’ve unloaded more loads than have dumped. Save you hard earned cash.

    • Terry says:

      If your Muck Truck doesn’t have 4 wheel drive then it must be at least 12 years old.Maybe an upgrade would help you.

  7. Mark says:

    i have had one for years…sounds like you got burned with a knock-off..thats what happens when you go cheap!!!

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