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Every time I watch Ax Men I remember why I’m not in the logging business: loggers don’t have good days. Okay days are when no one gets hurt and you think you might still have a job next week. Most days, or at least the ones we see on the show, begin or end with something like this picture we found on the Gustafson website.

That’s got to be disheartening, to see your high-dollar crane — your best way to get logs on the trucks and make money for the company — dumped head-first into a ravine. Oh yeah, and you need to get the truck out before you can deal with the real problem. These guys cope with a very different set of problems than I do on a daily basis.

Gustafson Logging [Corporate Site]


One Response to Doh! The Crane Is Where?

  1. Teacher says:

    I hope nobody resorted to using profanity when that happened because if you can’t say something nice, you shouldn’t say anything at all.

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