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We’ve established that Frank Kozik has set up a sweet bike shop most of us would give our right arm for, but he actually wrenches on them as well. This is significant — it’s the difference between a rider and someone who has bikes. We have to give Frank an extra gold star for living, “If you ride it, you wrench it.”

The hot Italian import sitting all pretty atop his workbench — a Ducati 996 — needed a little TLC after the morning commute left it a bit on the leaky side. Hats off to Frank for both riding his sexy street bike to work every day and fixing it himself in his own shop. If we haven’t said it before — Frank’s the man.

Toolmonger Photo Pool [Flickr]


3 Responses to Reader Shop: The Many Faces Of Frank Kozik’s Shop

  1. Noah Sachs says:

    What material is the red divider made of? Where can I get some?

  2. welder says:

    That material is just a welding screen. It protects bystanders from the welding flash and sparks. Not sure if it comes as a material in sheet form, but you can by the complete screen, with frame.

  3. frank kozik says:

    yes those are 6×18′ welding screens I got from some place in Kentucky or somewheres mailorder. whats nice is they fold so you can move them around and enclosed areas and stuff. I do a lot of metal grinding and so on, so it helps keep stuff from getting all over the place. very lightweight. when not in use they also make a handy but ‘see through’ barrier to keep people out of my area.

    they where about 180 bucks a unit.

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