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The movies lie to us when it comes to welding. We love to heckle the screen when we see our hero, blocked by a three-inch steel door, pull out a torch the size of a cell phone and cut a hole big enough to drive a tank through it. So when we bought our tickets for Iron Man we thought we were in for more of the same. Not so — in fact, they did such a great job we almost didn’t catch the Lincoln welders in the background.

As tool guys we couldn’t wait to geek out on the tools we find in Tony Stark’s shop, and I guess we shouldn’t have been surprised that the prop guys chose to put real welders and gear in the flick. It is Iron Man after all.

We’re still waiting for someone to come out with the plans for the suit. But until that day we can at least watch some badass welding action in the movies — finally.

Welding Equipment [Lincoln Electric]


4 Responses to Iron Man And Lincoln Welders

  1. Phil says:

    My kind of ‘product placement’.

  2. Coach James says:

    1. I wonder how much Lincoln paid to have their name visible in the movie?

    2. I wonder what % of the audience have noticed the name and know it is legit?

  3. Yep, I agree with you but C-mon, it’s just a movie right, don’t be so serious.

  4. Larry says:

    What welder? I don’t see no welder!

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