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Soff Jaws

You want to be able to hold delicate or crushable parts in your vise, but those hard steel jaws don’t scream “delicate.” You could wrap the parts in a rag or use some other awkward method of cushioning them — or you could slap on a set of Soff Jaws.

Zona Tools designed their Soff Jaws to attach magnetically to any 3″ or 4″ ferrous-jawed vise. The cushioned jaws grip odd shapes, prevent marring, and stop the jaws from crushing softer or delicate parts.

You can get Soff Jaws with either leather or vinyl acetate jaws. Both versions retail for $8.

Soff Jaws [Zona]
Street Pricing [Google Products]
Via Amazon(B000BRJFP8) [What’s This?] [What’s This?]


5 Responses to Don’t Scoff At Soff Jaws

  1. Donny B says:


    It is great to have the ability to put small/ delicate items in your vise…

    and for the Sean O’hara Cheap ass point = You only need one vise and a cheap set of these…..

    I got a set for $5 at harbour freight on sale……

  2. PeterP says:


    I’ve actually been looking for a decent bench vice. I don’t entirely trust the Harbor Freight or Home Depot specials (had a friend who’s vice came apart while we were clamping something). Does anyone have a recommendation on a quality vice?

  3. As long as we’re on the subject of who else makes these, Woodstock International also makes similar products:

    3.5″ http://www.woodstockint.com/Products/14007000/D3229/
    4.5″ http://www.woodstockint.com/Products/14007000/D3230/
    5.5″ http://www.woodstockint.com/Products/14007000/D3231/

  4. Jim K. says:

    I threw a pair of these together by bending a bit of flat stock I had lting around and then attaching some cut down computer wrist rest pieces (which were also just lying around) to them. Worked like a charm. Not really worth it if you’re just trying to save the $5 you’d pay for a HF set, but I was forced to improvise these when working in a friend’s shop that’s pretty backwoods and didn’t want to wait.

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