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In the comments section of a recent post someone asked for advice on removing a broken screw at the bottom of his pool. Though the simplest answer seemed to be a hand-cranked drill brace with a left-hand drill bit, other readers suggested a pneumatic drill or a cordless electric drill. This piqued my curiosity about the underwater tool industry, which I knew little about — so I went looking to discover what’s out there.

Not surprisingly, I didn’t find any electric tools designed for underwater use. Hydraulic tools in general seem to be marketed largely to the railroad industry, but a third-party company called Steffen Inc. has modified a hydraulic tool — the Stanley Hydraulics SK58 sinker drill pictured on the left — and marketed it as an “underwater” tool. It’ll drill holes 3″ in diameter and many feet deep, a good size for blasting, in stone and concrete.

Steffen’s modifications void the warranty from Stanley — duh — but Steffen will warranty the modified tool. The image on the right comes from Steffen’s website; their description mentions a fourth hose, but I can’t see any difference from the tool on the left.

How’s that for overkill to remove a broken screw in a pool?

SK58 Sinker Drill [Stanley Hydraulics]
SK58 Sinker Drill [Steffen]


6 Responses to Underwater Tools

  1. Fredex says:

    Get one of those old Army guys to tell you about the underwater mess kit repair teams. Might cost you a beer.

  2. SuperJdynamite says:

    A quick Googling for “pneumatic drill” turned up some offerings in the neighborhood of $50. I’d guess that a pneumatic drill would fare better underwater than a cordless one.

  3. Donny B says:

    Like i said in the post about the Pool issue…. Pneumatic works.

    The extra hose modification is probably for exhaust flow. If you think about how an air tools works the “flow” and how smooth it is, makes the tool work better…..and of course keeping water out.

    Again for one time use go to harbour freight. But other wise these look like a good idea for longer term use..

    COOL Find

  4. ambush27 says:

    Some of the underwater welding gear is pretty sweet too.

  5. Stan says:

    actually there are a lot of underwater tools available. I found a lot of them here: http://www.rentaltoolsonline.com/category-s/83.htm for a recent project i was doing. there are drills, grinders, chain saws (yes! chain saws!) and so on. what’s better is that they rent them. i have not seen that anywhere else. –stan

  6. Lucy says:

    Have any of you guys heard of Hilti’s UW-10 underwater powder actuated tool?

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