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Maytag is kicking off their “Decade of Dependability” promotion by offering one lucky winner free Maytag appliances for life. If you win they’ll outfit your home once and then completely upgrade the products every ten years, for as long as you’re alive to use them.

The entry deadline is June 30th, and you can enter up to five times either by snail mail or via the Sears website. Since it’s a nationwide thing the odds are stacked against you, but if lightning does happen to strike, you can put your mind at ease and not have to worry about your kitchen gear — ever. In our humble opinion, that’s worth filling out a few entry forms.

Entry Form and Giveaway Rules [Sears]


6 Responses to Maytag’s Lifetime Giveaway

  1. Alan53 says:

    “Since it’s a nationwide thing. . .” unlike your blog which is a world wide thing. Perhaps it might be advisable to enlighten your readers to which nation you are referring. There are still several “other” nations here and there.


  2. SuperJdynamite says:

    Since the rules state that “sweepstakes open only to legal residents of the U.S.” we can reasonably assume that the “nation” in question is the U.S.

  3. sdgdfsdfsqsdfq says:

    I got excited until I read “Sears”.

    No thanks. Even if you won it would be a miracle if Sears showed up at the front door with the right appliances.

  4. Brau says:

    Just in case some people don’t know this … Maytag went out of business years ago. The name was bought by Whirlpool/JennAir for it’s past connection with quality appliances. Today it is just another nameplate over identical workings.

  5. ambush27 says:

    Yeah except the Maytag quality seems to be lower than the competition of late.

  6. JS says:

    I just got a letter today… I am one of the winners… hate on maytag all you want. I’ll be singing their praises for the rest of my life!

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