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We like to grill. While we’re grilling, we talk about grilling. When that gets boring, we switch to a completely different topic, like smoking. The stories bounce back and forth — about the biggest smokers, and the best pork shoulders you’ve ever had — so we weren’t surprised when someone sent us a link to this smoking king.

Mr. David Klose built this Cadillac of smokers called Texas Lil’s Monster Smoker. It measures 57 feet in length and five feet in diameter. This bad dog weighs in at around 25,000 lbs, with about 90,000 sq. in. of cooking surface.

Love it or hate it, this giant meat smoker gives us an entirely different mental picture when we hear someone say “cattle car.”

Texas Lil’s World’s Largest Transportable Smoker [Neatorama]


2 Responses to World’s Biggest BBQ Smoker

  1. Truly magnificent!!!!!


  2. Rudy pimentel says:

    I want to say that I had a great time cooking on this pit at Houston bbq cookoff with long horn desperado. Memory’s I will never forget.

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