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FuseTV Rock & Roll Acid Test

A cool new show called Rock and Roll Acid Test will debut on the Fuse network on June 17th at 10 pm. Co-hosted by Toolmonger pal Mike Senese, the show combines Mythbusters and good old-fashioned rock ‘n roll, featuring crazy music and even crazier build projects.

Mike, the scientist of the team, along with his three co-hosts John, Drew, and Abby (plus shopmaster Doyle), will debunk some age-old rock myths, using tools, science, and rock and roll hijinks — is there anything better?

You can already see sneak peeks of the upcoming shows on the Fuse website. Good luck, Mike — make sure you keep wearing your safety goggles.

Rock And Roll Acid Test [Fuse]
Sneek Peaks [Fuse]


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    I think I’ll pass.

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