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Whether you love your computer or hate it, it can definitely help you do a few good things — reading Toolmonger is one, obviously, but brewing beer is another. The brewing calculation software called BeerTools Pro can keep even a really serious beer brewer on schedule.  You can keep track of your inventory, estimate when each batch should be ready, formulate recipes, and look up guidelines for beer styles.  And the reference section archives more information about beer than most of us will ever really understand, right at your fingertips.

For only $30 you get the software, for Mac or PC, and a subscription to the BeerTools.com online resources.  Now you just have to figure out how to dispose of all that excess beer.  Email me for my shipping address — I can help.

BeerTools Pro [BeerTools]


2 Responses to It’s Just Cool: BeerTools Pro

  1. Brewer Pete says:

    Theres a better more comprehensive brewing software package out there called Promash. Check it out if your seriously into brewing.

  2. Andre says:

    Uhg, me no understand cumpooters. Me only likes hand tools.

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