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Automotive engineers are updating car security every year — and every year locksmiths figure out how to defeat those same security measures, because some of us are prone to locking our keys in our cars.  High Tech Tools has compiled a catalog of security defeat instructions for every make and model of car, and they also design tools to help locksmiths collect their emergency lockout fees.  Of all the interesting specialized tools in their catalog, I thought this one was especially fun: the glow-in-the-dark long-reach tool.

We’ve seen the LED fad and the laser fad — could this tool herald the phosphorescent fad?  The Shielded Quick Max long-reach tool will run you $25, but you’ll never again have to fiddle with wire hangers.  For a closer look at other cool locksmithing tools, like the Wedgee and the One Hand Jack, check out the High Tech Tools site.

Glow-in-the-Dark Long Reach [High Tech Tools]


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  1. Fredex says:

    There’s always BlondStar. “Help! I’ve locked myself in the car and the keys are in the ignition!”

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