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Long Handled Grass Shears

I remember a time before weed whackers — at least before my family had one — a time when men and women would crawl around the yard on their knees with a hand shear to trim the grass at the edge of the lawn. Whether it was a better time or just a simpler time may be up for debate, but if Fiskars’ long-handled swivel grass shears had been around, they would’ve spared us a lot of strained backs and sore knees.

The 36″ lightweight aluminum handle lets you trim 4-1/2″ at a time without stooping or kneeling. The hardened-steel, precision-ground blades hold sharp edges longer, and Fiskars coats them with a water-based rust preventative to resist corrosion. For trimming in those hard to reach areas, the blades swivel 360 degrees.

Fiskars’ long-handled swivel grass shears might not appeal to the family that now swears by the weed whacker — but if you’re nostalgic for days past or want to try a “greener” approach to yard work, the shears will run you $25 to $30.

Long-Handled Grass Shears
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5 Responses to Save Your Knees With Long-Handled Grass Shears

  1. Rob says:

    This isn’t a new idea. I was at the Goodwill and the gentleman in front of me was buying this same sort of device. His even had wheels!

  2. mojo says:

    My father had that same type of device, with wheels as mentioned above. Back in the 70s. I would pick one up in a flash. Tried to get him to give me his, he just laughed at me.

  3. Brau says:

    I have an oldie in my basement. Very similar but made of steel with wood wheels. I figure it must be 1960s era. I still use it.

  4. Dr Bob says:

    As others have mentioned, this is not a new idea.

    Now if they put a rechargeable battery in the handle and a lightweight motor to power the shear…

    • Ol' Bob says:

      Yeah! And if it maybe had a portable refrigerator, and a beer caddy, and a sunshade, and could do zero-60 in under 7 seconds…

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