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Comedians like Bill Cosby and Chris Rock often make light of the fact that Dads usually get the short end of the stick when it comes to props. This may be true for many folks out there, but we’ve found that tool guys don’t fit the stereotype. Dad taught us all kinds of cool stuff, and we often hear great stories that start out, “Me and the ole’ man…”  So Father’s Day winds up being pretty easy for tool guys –- get him tools.

If you’ve spent more time working in the shop than shopping, and you need some Father’s Day gift ideas, here are a few hints to steer you the right way.

Father’s Day Gift Ideas: A Quality Knife
You just can’t have too many knives, and neither can he.

Home Depot’s Dad’s Day Deals
Stuck on what to get him? Head down to the local big box and see what you can find — often times something will present itself.

Father’s Day Gift Idea: Level Cufflinks
When all else fails, go for the bizarre. At least he’ll have a story to tell his friends.

It may seem hard to find something great for the guy that taught you how to hold a hammer or turn a wrench, but relax and remember he’s like you — he digs tools, and that’s a great start.

Thanks to Kurt and Sophia for the sweet photo.


4 Responses to One Shopping Day Left Till Father’s Day

  1. Andrew says:

    I’m 26 now and since I turned 20 my father’s day gifts have been replacements for all of the tools that I, broke, lost, stole, destroyed, left in the rain or generally abused when i was a kid.

    Last year a good set of pliers (chan-locs, vise-grips, insulated the whole shebang) This year its gonna be demo tools, because most of his have been rusting somewhere in the woods behind our house for 15 years, from when my friends and I lost them in an attempt re-build our dilapidated tree house.

    My Pop’s patience was incredible, he always said that the tool was replaceable, but the boy was not…

  2. R says:

    Love the pic, sweet

  3. Joe Birmingham says:

    Children should wear eye protection when working with tool. (Adults too.)

  4. rbb says:

    Pic reminds me of my 7 year old. Her birthday was On Father’s Day this year. When she saw the 245 Craftsman tool set my wife had gotten for them to give to me, she said that she was disappointed that they were not for her and that Daddy had better share them. ;^)

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