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Is it still a saw if it only has one tooth? Lenox avoids the issue by calling this tool a hole cutter, and its design evidently offers some really cool advantages over normal hole saws. For one thing, the cutter works best with low torque and high speed. And it’ll cut holes that aren’t perpendicular to the workpiece!

I couldn’t find any video demonstration of angled hole-cutting, only this picture which isn’t even on Lenox’s site.  Sizes run from 1-3/8″ through 6-1/4″, and pricing varies by size — I found the 1-3/8″ for as low as $4, but the larger sizes run well over $100.

One Tooth Hole Cutter [Lenox]
Street Pricing [Google Products]
Via Amazon [What’s This?] [What’s This?]


9 Responses to One Tooth Hole Cutter

  1. Stuart Deutsch says:

    For use on wood only…

  2. J.R. Bluett says:

    Granted, no metal, but drywall, and many plastics. Lenox says also frozen and wet wood which I think is a cool trick, most hole saw would make a mess of wet wood. The tear out would make the hole twice as big.

  3. fred says:

    We have a few of what may be an older version (black finish) of these in sizes that we can not drill with Selfeed Bits and for cutting through fiber-cement board. They make a pretty rough-cut hole – but otherwise do their job.

    We use Bosch carbide-tipped hole-saws more for work with fiber-cement. These come in some odd metric sizes – roughly corresponding to inch dimensions. They make smoother cuts than the Lenox.


    I also see that Milwaukee is now offering a carbide-tipped hole saw that they call Big-Hawg:

  4. tooldork says:

    Fred – I don’t believe that the Milwaukee is carbide. All language just says steel tooth and not carbide. If it were, I’d think they’d call attention to it.

    I have used the Bosch and it is a real monster. It’ll cut wood, plastic, fiber cement and cinder block.

  5. Putnameco says:

    I concur, the Bosch rule, Lenox was king until Bosch came out with their carbide set. Takes longer to resharpen the Boschs multiple teeth though.

  6. fred says:

    The Milwaukee sets come with a diamond hone – that suggest carbide teeth.

  7. ohrjoh says:

    Go to http://www.lenoxhero.com and you can nominate someone you consider a hero for a chance to win $1,000,000.

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