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Siren Padlock

Tool theft costs you twice — you lose the value of the tool and you lose the use of the tool. What if there was a way that your tools could tell you they were being stolen? Lock the Siren Padlock on your toolbox or directly onto your tool, and it’ll alert you if somebody who doesn’t have the key starts monkeying with your stuff.

With the alarm disabled, the Siren Padlock works like a normal padlock — but when you enable the alarm, the padlock emits a 96dB, siren-like noise for ten seconds every time it’s moved or tampered with. The alarm operates on six button batteries which are enclosed within the lock so they can only be accessed when it’s open. With a shackle made of chrome-finished, hardened steel and a body of zinc-alloy steel, this lock will handle most weather.

The retailers seem to disagree with the manufacturer as to just how loud the alarm is — but whether it’s 105dB like the corporate site claims or 96-98dB like the retailers list, it’ll put out enough volume to get your attention.

If you’re sick of tools growing legs of their own, you can try out the Siren Padlock for $20.

Siren Padlock [Corporate Site]
Siren Padlock [SmartHome]
Siren Padlock [Rockler]
Via Amazon(B00178WLU6) [What’s This?] [What’s This?]


8 Responses to It’s Like A Car Alarm For The Rest Of Your Stuff

  1. Ivan says:

    So, I have a question? When does the alarm actually get triggered. If it gets triggered each time I try to open it than it might be very annoying? Or does it has a delay of a couple seconds so that I can open the lock and that will deactivate the siren?

  2. If you watch the video on the Rockler page, it looks like you can handle the lock for a few seconds before the alarm goes off — hopefully enough time to get the key in. Interestingly enough when they whack it with a sledge it goes off immediately. The alarm must only go off either after some period of time or some acceleration threshhold.

  3. BJN says:

    Thanks for this tip. I’ve been looking for a tamper detection alarm to put on my trailer and bikes. I’m not sure if this will be loud enough, but I’ll give it a try – not much risk for $20.

  4. Why not just use a DefCon alarm for notebooks?

    Nice long cable, light, runs on AAs.

    “chirps” when nudged, unless the nudges continue ( you have a few seconds to un-combo the lock ), then hella-loud.

    Great for bikes: anyone who tampers with it suddenly has everyone looking at ’em!

    ( bicycles, too, btw )

  5. Volvo says:

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  6. steven says:

    we produce all kinds of alarm locks.

  7. Agus Badri says:

    Is the alarm with remote can provide security if there is a thief who tried to destroy the alarm, if there is no safety lock on the steering wheel.

  8. very good concept ,,locking car and vehicle with alarm ,, good, But how much efficient is it ??

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