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Now that Ax Men has finished up its first season, History is following it right up with a new season of Ice Road Truckers. The first season impressed us pretty heavily, and after a long wait round two looks just as good.

This season the show’ll follow a few guys from last year and some newcomers as they brave the Northern Arctic Route. For those not in the know, the ice road known as the Arctic Route runs atop lakes and rivers as well as the ocean — so, instead of tight, slow roads, where speed can kill you, it’s a pedal-down jaunt across the sea.

The show puts you behind the wheel of a big rig, where your goal is to get your truck off the ice before the brake lines freeze, the transmission fluid solidifies, or the guy behind you runs you off the road. Oh yeah, and did we mention that if you break down there’s no one to come get you, the radio can’t reach help, and stopping for too long will cause the truck’s weight and heat to melt the ice and send you crashing through — so no pressure.

In the first episode, steel gets so cold it just snaps, one driver quits, and there are already a few accidents. So basically it’s a fun time if you’re at home watching, and a scary one if you’re behind the frostbitten wheel.

Set the Tivo for Sundays on the History Channel at 8 central.

Ice Road Truckers [History Channel]


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