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Stabila’s new plumb laser, dubbed “LaserBob,” just sounds friendly. With its rugged construction, this crown jewel of Stabila’s Laser line can withstand a three-foot drop onto concrete, according to Stabila.

A set of four AA batteries will power LaserBob’s 150-degree laser for up to 30 hours of operation. If you’re a pro interior guy or you work on rough jobsites, Stabila also offers a sturdy tripod for LaserBob.

Street pricing starts at around $450, so if you just need to hang your print of “Dogs Playing Poker” this may not be the rig for you. However if you’re installing cabinets in the kitchen it can save you a load of time. We don’t know if we’d be able to resist slapping a “Hello, my name is BOB” nametag on it, though — it’s probably best we don’t have one.

LaserBob Level Kit [Stabila]
Street Pricing [Google Products]
Via Amazon [What’s This?]


4 Responses to Hello, My Name Is LaserBob

  1. Dave says:

    If one of my guys dropped this, I’d be dropping _him_ onto concrete. And from a lot higher than 3 feet.

  2. Putnameco says:

    Not very handy for interior work, as It doesn’t light a vertical “plumb” line. Two dots is the only plumb you’ll get from this. More of a tool for setting a level elavation from a benchmark.

    Something like Pacific Laser Systems PLS 180 is what I like for interiors.


  3. Bob TDG says:

    For interior layout, my local pro shop sold me on a:


    for under $200 CDN, it does a dandy little job. I don’t say she’s a durable as the stabilia, but a plumb line is just a sexy thing.

  4. fred says:

    We have been using Stabila Levels for years and love some of their odd sizes that are particularly well suited for door hanging and use in tub/shower enclosures.

    While I like to standardize on brands – for some reason we have a real mix and match on rotating laser levels – with a 4 CST/Bergers, 2 David Whites and 6 Johnson (Acculine Units) – all of different vintages. What I can say is that they are getting better (they offer more for less money) – and some of my guys like the newer green lasers. I’ve heard good things about Pacific Laser – so maybe the next units we buy will warrant a switch.

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