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Whenever you use superglue or any cyanoacrylate-based adhesive you’re going to get some on you.  And after you’ve gently or not-so-gently pried your fingers apart you’re left with that peculiar sensation that you’ve just removed your fingerprints to further your cat burglary career. If you don’t mind absorbing toxic chemicals you can soften the glue with solvents like acetone — or you can try Glue-B-Gone, a soap-bar-sized porous stone that gently removes the glue and fused skin from your hands.

Street pricing is around $5.

Glue-B-Gone [Great Planes]
Street Pricing [Google Products]


2 Responses to Clean Your Hands, Don’t Lose Your Fingerprints

  1. Subvert says:

    Or you could spend less than a dollar for a pumice stone with the same effect. I’ve used these for years to quickly scrape acrylic paint off me. It’s reasonably gentle and painless.

  2. Ben Eby says:

    these work great for drywall! they almost never clog up and are quicker than sandpaper

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