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Father’s Day is coming, and if your dad already has a chipper shredder, this Fiskars tree pruner will compliment it nicely. It slices, it dices, it even juliennes… wait… The pole tree pruner will add an extra 12′ to your reach, which makes a huge difference whether you’re on the ground or swinging from limb to limb.

The enclosed spring and non-stick blade should ensure a tangle- and frustration-free pruning experience. This model doesn’t feature the added saw for large branches, but for major tree work you’ll want to pull out the chainsaw anyway.

Street pricing starts around $26.

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8 Responses to Pole Tree Pruner

  1. Davo says:

    Check out the Fiskars Pruning Stik…it keeps the cord (actually, it’s a nylon strap) inside the telescoping pole-body…even better for eliminating tangles. The cutting head is rotateable, and it includes a saw attatchment.


  2. MikeT says:

    This is one of those tools where spending a little extra money is worth it. Long pole = lots of leverage = easy to bend the end all to hell.

  3. Frank Townend says:

    Oh hell. Just get dad to tie the chainsaw to the end of a stick and cut away. Of course he will have to defeat the safety features of the saw to get it buzzing over his head.

  4. der5er says:

    Really, what’s the point in that saw blade, anyway. I’ve got one, and about the only thing it’s good for is dropping sawdust in unprotected eyes and bouncing along the branch everywhere except where you’re trying to cut.

  5. Michael says:

    Get a pole saw instead!! Got mine for Christmas and have used it not only for pruning branches, but to cut up all the limbs on 2 big trees–everything but the massive trunk. The pole saw lets me reach into the mess of limbs and cut them easily and quickly. Of course, it also reaches pretty high over head too. I have cut up many branches into small pieces while the tree was still standing, avoiding the potential for the saw striking the ground.

    In short I used the saw shown here before I knew better. Now I wouldn’t go back.

    P.S. My pole saw is electric so I know it will run every time. No gas, no hard starts, pretty quiet.

    Got mine on sale for $99.00. Worth every penny!!

  6. Brau says:

    The main problem I have is finding replacement parts (cutting blades and saws). Every store I go to carries the pole saw but no parts. Of course specialist garden stores can get the parts …. but they cost as much a whole new pole saw. Drives me nuts.

  7. apotheosis says:

    I’ve got the Fiskars model with the saw blade, and I’ve found the blade to be very useful, as long as you can use it from a position where you can come down from the top of the branch instead of the side or an angle.

    Before you suggest that defeats the whole purpose of the saw, consider the utility of a great saw blade on a long lightweight pole while you’re sitting on your roof reaching across 12″ of empty space to prune overhanging branches. Definitely saved me a few shingles when the most recent round of storms hit.

  8. Pole tree pruners are a great way to trim your trees giving your yard that polished look beyond just edging the grass, and pulling weeds.

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