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Hard Cap Safety Chisels

Chisels can cause injury in a lot of different ways: flying metal fragments can damage unprotected eyes; striking the chisel causes pinging noises that can damage hearing; vibration and kickback can cause joint trauma; and don’t forget missing the chisel altogether and hitting your hand. Hard Cap has set out to build a safer chisel, and they’ve addressed all these modes of injury.

The Hard Cap line of tools features a reinforced nylon cap that increases the striking surface by 250%. This unbreakable cap also reduces noise by 80%, stops the chisel head from mushrooming, and contains any metal fragments. The oil-resistant grip, combined with the cap, reduces vibration up to 90%. The grip is also more comfortable to hold than other chisels, and it doesn’t get too hot or cold. Finally, Hard Cap claims the industry’s sharpest and most accurate cutting edges — because we all know dull tools cause more accidents then sharp ones.

The line includes 34 different tools, such as cold chisels, punches, mason’s chisels, nail sets, and roughing chisels. Individual tools run between $10 and $20, while sets of three or four similarly purposed tools run $40 to $50. The only exception: the set of three nail sets runs $12.

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4 Responses to Hard Cap Safety Chisels

  1. fred says:

    Nice to see that Baltimore Toolworks (licensee for these chisels) is still in business and that they still offer plumber’s caulking irons. Most of ours bear the Proto or Dasco name – but these are now out of production – since most everyone has switched to no-hub CI or PVC. We still do some repair work with lead – but do it a lot safer now – using the correct PPE – proper ventilation and lead control, no longer use asbestos joint runners etc.

    The other nice tools that are included in the line are the brick mason’s joint chisels (also called plugging chisels). For small pointing jobs – along with a joint rake – these are a lot more controllable than using grinding wheels or diamond saws.

  2. Richard Jacobs says:

    We have been using HARD CAP for about a year now and absolutely LOVE THEM. The grip dampens vibration, and is a joy to use on those cold New england winter mornings. I thought the caps would break easily, but these get almost daily use and are still going strong. We don’t allow any other chisels to be used by our employees, because of all the added safety these babies offer. The best thing is they are made right here in the USA!! well done Hard Cap!

  3. Jimmy T says:

    I ordered some tools off their website a couple weeks ago and am THRILLED with them. It’s nice to see an innovative, well made, DOMESTICLY MADE product like these.

    they are real knuckle savers. keep up the good work

  4. Coach James says:

    I have several chisels from Baltimore Tool Works and they are excellent. And I love buying USA made.

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